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Sunstove 2000 Solar Oven

South Africa

The Sunstove 2000 solar oven allows users to  cook food without having to use non-renewable or inefficient energy sources. The stove works by using solar energy with a reflective inner surface and perpex lid to trap solar radiation. It cooks and bakes food such as porridge, rice, stews, soup and bread, and can reach 124°C. Water can be brought to boil in 60 minutes.

The plastic outer casing of the stove is made of recycled plastic bottles, the inner insulation is made from the excess fibreglass of a factory based in Springs, South Africa, while the inner lining is made of recycled printing plates.

Injection moulded, recycled plastic
box, glass fibre insulation, heavy duty
aluminium reflector sheets, and
Perspex lid

Maximum temperature:
115 degree Celsius
Boiling of 1 litre of water: About 60 minutes

Weight: 4.3Kg

Dimensions: 780mm x 360mm x 580mm

Safe and light, needs little supervision,
unattended cooking possible, food doesn’t burn or boil over.

For small families: two pots of 4 and 2 litre

Date of release: