Sundet waste water treatment plant

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Sundet in Vaxjö is a modern wastewater treatment plant, equipped with a production unit for biogas

Sewage sludge turns into green fuel The plant has six process lines for waste water treatment of which one serves as a pilot line where new methods can be developed. The water is purified in four steps: mechanical, biological and chemical cleaning, as well as a filter step. The sewage sludge produced by the plant is fermented into biogas and the remains from that process is used as a biological fertilizer. Besides sewage sludge, the facility receives and ferments waste from restaurants and industrial kitchens. The produced biogas is used for heat and electricity at the facility as well as for producing vehicle fuel. The production of renewable fuel from by-products contributes to the realization of the recycling society. By using biogas as a fuel, emissions of greenhouse gases and hazardous substances like hydrocarbons, nitrous oxides and soot are reduced.

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