Structural Pavement and Railroad Roadbed Solution


PRS provides cellular confinement systems based on the Neoloy nano-polymeric alloy with high tensile strength low polymeric creep and low coefficient of thermal expansion to maintain long-term dimensional stability in elevated and fluctuating temperatures and under static and cyclical loadings in changing temperature conditions. PRS Neoweb (geocells) offer the highest level of performance and durability designed for sustainability aligned to the needs of today’s highways railways and ports transitioning the applications of geocells from soil erosion/stabilization applications to long-term heavy-duty reinforcement solutions for transportation and civil engineering infrastructure.


1) Reduce the initial capital cost of road port and railroad projects 2) Allow for project design life of above 75 years; reduce maintenance; increase the durability and longevity of road projects 3) Allow use of locally available materials including recycled asphalt recycled concrete granular type industrial waste 4) Allow for the development of marginal lands; Proven record of commercial use

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