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Storage and supply of electrical energy


ETV mission is to develop a disruptive high-performance battery technology to provide the quantum leap to the emerging industry of Electric Vehicles and Hybrid or Plug-in Hybrids. The new technology enables 50-100% higher energy and power density with cost reduction of 25-30% vs state-of-the-art lithium batteries. ETV Energy implements in its cells a new cathode material providing high cell voltage excellent safety high cycle-life and relatively low cost of the raw material. (Cathode the positive electrode in a cell). Since the voltage of ETV cell is 4.7V vs. 3.2/3.7V of state-of-the-art cells battery packs comprising ETV’s cells require 30-40% fewer cells fewer and simpler controls and wiring a simplified battery management system with smaller cooling system. Since cost and weight of battery packs is in excess of about 50% relative to bare cells reduction of cells per battery pack results in reduced weight smaller space requirement and lower cost of the battery pack.


Delivery of electric energy and power to meet the growing demands of the automotive markets; Proven record of commercial use

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