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Standalone Solar Power Systems

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Sabra 24/7 - a Mobile Solar Powered off-grid system offer the highest solar power for transportable solar system. Design to deliver power continuously 24/7 uninterrupted to various customers such as: telecommunication facilities military surveillance stations water pumping homeland security systems isolated farms. The system has high mobility in off-road conditions fast deployment at field free of maintenance. Offer a green reliable and cost-effective solution. Sabra2.0 - designed as a complete system solution for remote area power applications. The stationary stand-alone hybrid power system can provide full automatic uninterrupted power output with advance control and monitoring system. The Sabra2.0 aim to the telecom industry and to the homeland security sector. It based on optimal managing of renewable energy sources along with storage system. This is a modular and integrated system which tailored to the customer demands.


Solar Powered Generator for supply constant and reliable energy for rural areas as an alternative to the diesel generator.; Proven record of commercial use

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Al Hadeshe Green Energy Ltd.