CTCN Keyword Matches

Digital Display which allows for programming the exact water temperature;

Thermostatic - Exact gas consumption in relation to the water flow and the programmed temperature;

It maintains the temperature without large variations of pressure in the local water network;

Multimples security systems;

Maximum gas savings;

Progressive automatic start;

Without pilot flame - Savings equivalent to 7 * 45 Kg. per year;

Natural gas operation;

Forced shot - Expulsion of 100% burned gases;

Open chamber which extracts air from the installation site;

Use for shower, dishwasher, sink at simultaneous use.

Maximum capacity: 14 Lts per Minute;

Minimum flow rate on: 3.5 Lts per Minute;

Weight: 11.5 Kg;

Dimensions: Width 380mm, Depth, 165mm Height 570mm.

Date of release