Solid waste treatment and recycling

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UniVerve Power Ltd. (UVP) develops distributes and implements economic waste treatment solutions utilizing waste-to-energy technologies. UVP operates globally in the field of waste treatment. Its main current focus is Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) treatment through a novel type of anaerobic digestion technology that enables UVP to offer a uniquely economic solution for treatment of the organic fraction of the MSW. A waste recycling facility generally composed of 3 main modules: (a) sorting and separation (system whenever separation at source is not implemented or the MSW not pre-sorted; (b Dry fermentation anaerobic digestion module the novel technology offering high biogas yield minimal ecological footprint and minimal total cost of ownership; (c) CHP unit for biogas to electricity conversion.


Through the novel process of dry fermentation anaerobic digestion UVP’s facility recycles waste into energy and fertilizer thus significantly reducing the amount of waste going to the landfill.; Proven record of commercial use

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