SolarVenti air collector – heating fresh air by using solar energy

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SolarVenti has produced solar air collectors for different purposes for more than 25 years. In 2015 the number of sold collectors is near to 70.000 units.

The air collectors have a unique way of heating fresh air – running for free by solar energy. The air collectors heats and dehumidificates houses, basements or other buildings having humidity problems.

When heating the air you lower the relative humidity, and this may be used for drying and making a better indoor climate.  The small systems even run for free using a solar driven fan.

SolarVenti has much experience in all climate zones on earth – from Greenland to Australia – and we have large professional systems available. These are used in industrial buildings for drying purposes such as drying of grain, fish, coffe etc. or just for renewing the air with fresh warm air – saving much heating energy. SolarVenti has also been proven as the perfect solution for keeping halls with mashinery dry and free of rust on metal.

SolarVenti cooperates with:  Technical University of Denmark (DTU), DtI, Agrotech, Ecolab, Technical Scool in Hadsten, TU München, Fraunhofer Inst. and many others. Our systems are Solar Keymarked.

Payback time is often as low as 2 years, due to the efficient function. And its much more than just an energy saving device. It gives a lot of nice comfort on top.

Recommended max area of the house in m²: 25 m² ( 29.9 yd² square yards)

Maximum air flow – m3/h: 35 m3  ( 45.78 yd3 cubic yards)

Complete replacement of the air in the room: In less than 2 hours

Utilization of solar radiation (Efficiency): 57%

Estimated avarage energy production kWh/m2 per year *: 570 kWh

Estimated energy production kWh/SV-unit/year *: 200 kWh

Rise in temperature compared to outdoor temperature: Approx. 15 degrees K (e.g. from 10o  C to 25o C)

Dimension  (panel) in mm: L. x W. x D., excl. package: 700 x 515 x 55 mm (27.71 ” x 20.63″ x 2.17″)

Dimension  (panel) in mm: L. x W. x D., incl. package: 900 x 600 x 140 mm (35.43″ x 23.62″ x 5.5″)

Dimension (roof mountingh kit) in mm: L. x W. x D.: No roof mounting kit for this model

Panel size in m²: 0,35 m²  ( 0.42  yd² )

Solar cell – watts / power generation: 6 watt

Ventilator – watts / power consumption: 3,4 watt

Weight (panel) – kg, excl. package: 5,5  kg. ( 12.13 Lb )

Weight (panel) – kg, incl. package: 8 kg. ( 17.64 Lb)

Weight (roof mounting kit) – kg, incl. package: No roof mounting kit for this model

Maintenance free (number of years): Up to 15 years

Product warranty: 5 years

Framework (Material): Aluminum (seawater resistant)

Air outlet on collector – Dimensions in mm: 125 mm ( 4.92″ )

Cover plate (transparent): Polycarbonate

Indoor inlet valve in the house: 125 mm ( 4.92″ )

Humidity stopp – to prevent condensation water and back drafts: Yes

Tube for wall mounting, screws etc.: Yes


Cooling and extraction kit with extra solar cell: No

Cooling and extraction kit without extra solar cell: No

Roof mounting kit, type 1, for tile etc.: No

Roof mounting kit, type 2 for steel plate roof etc.: No

Basement mounting kit: No

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