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Elsol is a solar company specializing in designing and marketing solar thermal systems cogeneration and energy saving products. The company manufactures solar hot water heaters solar flat plate collectors. Our solar and electric water tanks are manufactured by Rand energy systems Ltd. Rand’s solar and electric water tanks are available in a variety of volumes from 30 to 300 liters. Water tanks are obtainable in vertical or horizontal versions. Their unique production process incorporates automatic submerged arc welding an extremely advanced technique used mainly in production of high-pressure tanks.The tank’s high quality 3-4 mm thick steel and seamless pipes provide an extended life cycle to the water tank. Their solar and electric water tanks are internally coated with glass enamel or resilient epoxy coating in accordance with customer’s preference. These protective coatings together with the magnesium anode which provides the cathodic protection guarantee clean water and long lasting resistance to corrosion.The 40mm thick polyurethane insulation layer ensures long lasting retention of water heat the polyurethane used by Rand does not utilize CFC as blowing agent and is halogen free.


Elsol solar energy system’s water tanks are double tested during the production process to 14 bars whereas the permitted working pressure is 8 bars. Our solar tanks with heat exchanger can be connected to a thermosyphon system thus reducing problems of scale build up and corrosion in the pipes. The system can be easily used in cold areas by adding Anti-freeze compounds to the close loop system.; Proven record of commercial use

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