Solar power plant for heat and electricity

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Sweden’s first solar power plant for heat and electricity at Härnösand has been connected to the local district heating network. The plant has 20 solar collectors that generate heat for the district heating network and electricity for the electric power grid directly from the sun. The purchaser is the district energy company, Hemab, which can now offer their customers energy-friendly energy. A field with a 200 m 2 Absolicon X10 PVT system was installed next to the headquarters of the energy company. The installation is installed on the ground.

Installation facts
Location: Härnösand, Sweden
Number of solar collectors: 20
Size of installation: 200 m 2
Heat production: 80 kWp
Electricity production: 20 kWp
Installation date: 13 June 2011

Organisation providing the technology
Absolicon Solar Collector AB
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V. Ringv. 125 871 42 HÄRNÖSAND

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