Solar energy systems


MST is a leading Solar Energy Company that develops highly efficient Solar Energy Systems to generate electricity. The Company addresses the needs of the Global Clean Energy Market by introducing advanced technology with competitive price per KW installed. In August 2009 the company has unveiled its first commercial 50 KWp Concentrated Photovoltaic system in Arad Israel. The system tracks the sun accurately in two axes from sunrise to sunset using advanced tracker developed by MST. The system transforms the total solar energy potential into 100 000 KWh per year. In practical terms this is sufficient to supply the energy needs of about 18 households. The system is based on concentrated photo-voltaic technology (CPV) employing high efficiency triplejunction solar cells designed and used in the space industry and adapted for terrestrial use. Present CPV cells efficiency is extremely high measuring 38.5% thus significantly outperforming the 16% efficiency of standard silicon cells. CPV cell efficiency will reach industrially 41% in 12 month and 45% within 3 years. The sunlight is concentrated 500 times by Fresnel lenses and projected on the cell through an optical medium. The MST system is composed of 3240 solar cells. The electricity produced is collected by a specially designed efficient system and injected into the national grid. The overall MST Power Plant efficiency is 25% which makes it amongst the most efficient in the world.


1. Low price 2. Twice the energy producing output compared to standard photo-voltaic panels 3. High efficiency - 25% overall power plant efficiency as compared to 10%-12% of other systems based on silicon cells or thermo solar systems 4. Better performance in hot climates compared to silicon based systems 5. Ability to install Solar Plants on unleveled and rocky terrain (Maximum power per land area- 5MWp per 50 dunam (50000sqm) 6. Enables dual use of the land for solar energy and agriculture; Proven record of commercial use

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