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Solar energy generation


SolarOr is a technology leader in the development and industrialization of novel solar Curtain Wall panels delivering high solar conversion at lowest industry prices. Our proprietary Curtain Wall panels offer solutions to the BIPV (Building integrated PV) and optimized for vertical installation where efficiency and architectural appearance are first priority. SolarOr has developed the first high efficiency transparent and improved insulation capability solar curtain wall. Buildings and district offices are accounted for about 40% of total energy consumption. Meeting the stringent energy conservation requirements dictates a focused solution to the building sector as first priority. Innovative design offers solutions for district and office buildings by providing an envelope of curtain walls with built in smart solar cell and double glazing constructions combined with improved heat and noise isolation.


1. Monocrystalline technology for efficient sun harvesting exceeding 150Wp per square meter 2. LCPV concept - Low prismatic concentration for optimal silicon cell’s area 3. Unobstructed translucent technology 4. Use micro inverter allow standardization of the product 5. The best price performance in the industry; Proven record of commercial use

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