Solar Cooling and Energy Efficiency for HVAC systems


The new DuHybrid System combining the ability to use Solar thermal heat with additional energy sources to power dehumidification and air condition: Reduced Operating Costs and Energy Savings- DuCool’s operates in the field of HVAC which is one of the significant factor for peak loads. Ducool’s applications as standalone air treatment units or added to an existing HVAC systems installations have achieved energy savings of over 50% (relative to the situation before DuCool was installed). When humidity load is high the system will prevent over sizing of HVAC systems and will significantly decrease the energy consumption. Environmental Friendly- DuCool’s DuHandling series is a Refrigerant-free (no compressor) HVAC system. The DuHybrid / DuHandling can use relatively low temperature waste heat from solar thermal cogeneration systems micro turbines or Solar thermal heat as its main source of energy. Also can be use relatively high cold water temperature (15-25°C) from ground source Water or cooling towers to generate efficient cooling. Disinfect Air The DuCool process eliminates up to 90% bacteria and air borne microorganisms in a single pass. Filter Air Process removes 77% of particle larger than 5 microns removing allergens such as pollen and dust from the air improves human comfort achieves optimal temperature and humidity zone. Indoor Air Quality Standards DuCool products successfully address IAQ by helping meet fresh air requirements.


It has developed a unique liquid desiccant dehumidification and cooling technology in a single package and presents a solution for significantly decreasing energy costs for HVAC application.

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