Solar Air Heating


Palram Applications Ltd is a designing developing manufacturing and marketing arm of Palram Industries that is focused on creating new and innovative finished products. Solar Air Heater An Innovative product to the DIY and Building markets supplies fresh warm and dry air into the house using solar power only. 1. Room heater in a clear cold day - clean quiet safe and free of costs or work 2. Warming and drying highly effective for living environment 3. Ultimate solution for non grid areas 4. Safe to use even when you are away 5. Protect summer houses from humidity damages and bed odors Solar AquaDome Pool’s water is heated by the sun’s power without any additional energy source. 1. Save energy save costs reduce carbon emission and supply cosy water even during chilly days 2. Dome shape tracks the sun all day long to improve the efficiency of low sun angle periods 3. Polycarbonate dome creates a greenhouse effect for maximal efficiency


1. Maximum efficiency 2. Reduces carbon emission 3. Saves energy 4. Saves costs; Proven record of commercial use

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