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Social and environmental investments in Vårsången – a good deal for everyone


Renovating the run-down area Vårsången in Malmö has been a success. Previously Malmö residents moved to Vårsången because they needed somewhere to live. Now they move there because they want to live there. And at the same time the property value has increased significant. A proof that social and environmental measures make a good deal in the long run. Vårsången is a residential area with 400 apartments. In 2011 it was a run-down area with very high energy use and significant tenant turnover. There was also great dissatisfaction among the tenants. The real estate company, Trianon, that owned the buildings decided to renovate it and started with building trust with the tenants by having very close contact. The next step was improving energy efficiency. The goal was to halve the energy consumption. Another important part of the project was to create jobs for the tenants. The real estate company hired 35 area residents and today 13 of the company’s employees live in the area.

The aim for renovating was that the apartments should get fully renovated but without making them more luxurious so that the monthly rent for the tenants would maintain at a reasonable level. With the same basic idea another 156 new apartments was built on a parking area next to the renovated Vårsången that was not in use. The focus was on matching the ability and willingness to pay in the area. Also, in this building project residents in Lindängen was hired. Ten tenants have been part of building the apartments.

The result of the work in the area has resulted in reduced energy consumption by 50 percent, 35 jobs for the tenants, reduced tenant turnover and a doubling of the property value. A win-win for Trianon and the tenants.

If you want to visit Vårsången to get to know more or just to enjoy the scenic green space typically for a “million program” and Lindängen, please contact Smart City Sweden South.

Watch the video about operations in Vårsången Malmö.

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