SmarTap Water resources management


SmarTap has been developing a new technology for the next generation of thermostatic electronic faucets. This technology enables the user to monitor and control the water consumption in his property in real time. Shower systems based on this technology offer a unique shower experience combined with safety features and water and energy monitoring and saving capabilities. The systems supply water at the desired temperature and flow without wasting it: the shower will discharge water only at the desired temperature and flow. Our system is equipped with anti-scalding feature in order to prevent burns at all time. SmarTap solution is based on its patented electro-mechanical unit called “e-cartridge”. It’s an OEM unit that allows any faucets manufacturer to quickly and effortlessly add innovative electronic faucets products to his arsenal. E-cartridge is designed to replace the mechanical thermostatic mixing body and cartridge commonly sold today. Its dimensions do not exceed the traditional thermostatic mixing body dimensions and therefore it is not limited in its applications. SmarTap is the only company worldwide succeeded to develop an e-cartridge that works on two D-type batteries for more than 1.5 years. Therefore the e-cartridge can be easily installed by any regular plumber in both existing and renovated bathrooms and there’s no need in any in-wall wiring. SmarTap system complies with all international standards.


Each e-cartridge is equipped with RF transceiver enabling the e-cartridges to form a centrally controlled grid via a wireless network. All faucets in the network can be monitored and managed online via any PC connected to the internet. Predefined alerts can be sent in cases of abuse. Flow-rates can be limited at times of peak usage. SmartGrid allows large-scale users (like hotels resorts and Spa) to monitor and control water usage in real time via any PC connected to the internet.; Proven record of commercial use

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