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Smart Living lab in the University district of Umeå


Umeå is a fast growing city in Northern Sweden with progressive and environmentally-friendly citizens. Located 600 km north of Stockholm, the 11th largest city in Sweden has a subarctic climate, with short and fairly warm summers, but lengthy and freezing winters. Umeå will continue to grow with ecological, economic and social sustainability. The purpose is to reduce the city’s CO₂ emissions through less energy use and sustainable transports. By developing smart business models and working methods, we will ensure that we will continue to be innovative when we are developing the sustainable city. The Smart Living Lab in the University district is situated immediately to the east of Umeå city centre, at the University city area, and includes a mix of residential, academic and research facilities from two universities, a regional hospital, and community, recreational and commercial buildings. The neighbourhood is characterised by its young, student-influenced, population with 40, 000 daily visitors. As such, the neighbourhood is one of the least car-dependent neighbourhoods in Umeå. The area will triple its inhabitants during the time of the project.

The Smart Living Lab in the University district is looking at solutions for:
• Business model innovation – A climate smart business model for a 100% renewable energy supply
• Storage and Exchange of geothermal energy
• Peak load management, using buildings as thermal energy storage
• Intelligent control of Buildings
• Gamification – influence of behaviour patterns
• Chargin hub for smart power supply
• Climate friendly bus stop
• Green parking pay-off
• Open data city decision platform
• Demand-side management for heating/cooling, floor cleaning, waste management and more

Town: Umeå
Find us: Umeå University, 901 87, Umeå
Visiting: preferably spring, summer and fall
Duration: 2-4 hours
Languages: Swedish & English

The Smart Living Lab in the University district is part of RUGGEDISED which is a large cooperation project, co-financed by EU´s Horizon 2020. The City of Umeå, Västerbotten County Council, Akademiska Hus AB, Upab, RISE, Umeå University and Umeå Energy AB are cooperating to develop Umeå University City into a viable and sustainable district – a Smart City.

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