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Smart Housing Småland


Smart Housing Småland is an internationally leading innovation environment that creates smart housing and sustainable built environment based on glass and wood. Sustainable cities and construction are strengthened with increased global urbanization. The demands for sustainable use of energy and natural resources are increasing and therefore wood and bio-based materials are seen in a new light. Expertise and specialization in wood and glass give Småland and Sweden a unique position as a test market for internationally viable solutions. Smart Housing Småland is an innovation environment that creates eco-friendly constructions based on glass and wood. They also include the social aspects of sustainibilty by creating inclusive communities and affordable housing.

<b>An innovation environment</b>
Smart Housing Småland is an innovation environment that addresses several challenges; the need for new housing, the need to build space efficient, flexible, modern, energy efficient and sustainable. In collaboration with business, academia and the public, they are building an innovation environment where they create smart living and a sustainable built environment in the combination of wood and glass. The Triple Helix model works as a catalyst for new ideas and business opportunities. The mission is to strengthen the Småland region's competitiveness and sustainable growth by creating good collaborations between all actors in society at both national and international levels.

Smart Housing Småland collaborate with a number of partners including municipalities, universities and companies within buidling and construction. Together with these partners many projects have been carried out by Smart Housing Småland. For example projects have studied solutions for enhanced fire safety in wooden buildings and how to plan and design homes in order to enable for elderly to stay in their homes as their ability to move decreases.

<b>The vision</b>
Smart Housing long-term vision, of being positioned as a leading international node for housing and sustainable built environment, is reinforced through its consolidation of strategic global alliances in research, education and market development. The strategic vision from 2019 and forward is “An innovation arena for living environments based on wood and glass”. There is a singular emphasis on methods of innovation and business development in small and medium enterprises, since these dominate the relevant industries. Innovation is the guiding light for Smart Housing Småland together with equality and sustainability. The prioritized directions from 2019 and forward are “Living environments” and “Technology”.

Welcome to Småland to learn more about how to work with sustainable construction and innovation based on wood and glass as building materials.

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