Smart Grid Energy Management


Greenlet is a Smart Grid startup focused on energy management and ‘Peak Shaving’ (power reduction during Peak Hours). Their system serves as a Virtual Plant- it reduces MegaWatts and substitutes power plants. Their unique deployment model (Send - Connect - Control) and technology allow building Virtual Plants without any professional installation (no need for smart meter or controllers). Greenlet offers electric utilities and Energy Service companies with a unique B2B solution for power-reduction. Using the integrated solution (management system end-point units and customer portal utilities reduce a lot of power during peak hours avoid power outages avoid extremely high generation costs and reduce pollution and global warming. Its three main products are: 1. A centralized management application (GEMS) through which Utilities service companies control and monitor power deploy ‘peak shaving and programs validate true power reduction and calculate reward for customers. 2. Pluggable GREENLETs (Green Outlets) which are sent to customers by mail for self-deployment controlling and monitoring loads. 3. Web Portal for customer.


Greenlet’s business model allows for sending Greenlet pluggable units to any customer (institutional industrial and residential) by mail for self-deployment. Peak shaving is achieved without installation.; Proven record of commercial use

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