Smart Grid Energy Management


CES is the developer and manufacturer of a computerized electricity distribution panels that enable users to optimize energy use and save substantial capital and operating expenses. CES panels replace the conventional A/C panels and provide built-in metering control safety and automation capabilities.


Smart Switching: Monitor and connect/disconnect circuits based on business logic or management commands. Automation. Remote control from Web or from external management system. Real time alerts. Remote maintenance. Detailed history enabling detection of waste and functional problems Sub-metering by individual circuit. Reduce operational cost by shifting low priority consumption to low-cost hours. Take advantage of Utility-offered incentives for off-peak consumption. Integrate your renewable energy source either for selling energy to the Utility or for utilizing that energy on-site. The Smart Panel will enable automatic shifting of loads from one energy source to another based on price and availability. Reduce the size of your backup generator and its integration cost eliminating altogether the need for special circuitry and contactors. Automatic Phase balancing - improving utilization of existing Grid connection; Proven record of commercial use

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