Smart grid Analyzers and control systems


Gnrgy is dedicated to the development of modular and centrally controlled smart grid systems via a wireless network. The Gnrgy Energy Management Platform (EMP) connects computers electrical appliances and vehicles .using easy-to-install smart plugs and cutting edge technology. Gnrgy has been focused on the European market and is currently in a commercial relations with the leading utility companies in that territory. Gnrgy deploys wireless mesh networks which enable energy management by using smart plugs EV chargers 3rd party equipment (electricity/gas/water) and smart appliances. All devices wirelessly transmit real-time data to the energy gateway and from there to a centralized server hosted at the utility or the cloud The networks serve utilities for Smart Grid applications large enterprises and residential/business users providing each with specific interfaces and applications to support their specific requirements.


1. Modular and centrally controlled smart grid 2. Connected by wireless; Proven record of commercial use

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