Small Volume Organic Oils transported by air stream for cooling/lubricating in machining processes

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The present invention relates to a nozzle for use in a metalworking process whereby the nozzle is designed to precisely deliver an oil-containing liquid and non-flammable gas mixture onto the interface between a metalworking tool and a workpiece whereby the nozzle is comprised of a tip and a valve body affixed to one another. Furthermore the present invention relates to a method for cooling and lubricating a tool and workpiece during a metalworking process. It is well known that fluids in machining operations serve two purposes: heat transfer and lubrication. Our system provides a new approach to the performance of these two functions. Traditional fluids and application methods typically result in environmental concerns. The system developed in this research is environmentally friendly and low cost. A system will be devised which uses organic oil particles carried in an air stream to achieve cooling and lubrication during the machining process. The amount of liquid in the air stream is small and all liquid is consumed during the cutting process eliminating the need for recapture recirculation and filtration. This method of cooling/lubricating machining processes is more environmentally benign than traditional methods. Applications: Cooling and lubricating a tool and workpiece during a metalworking process Patent Status: US Patent 6746185

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