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Small hydropower turbines/plants

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Hongya Power Generating Equipment to Utilities Limited is a specialized manufacturer of medium- and small -sized water turbine generators. They have a factory for welding production, heavy metal processing and mechanical assembly. The company follows the latest quality and inspection standards, and the production is managed according to the international standards. Hongya Power possesses excellent production equipment and advanced production technologies. The major products are various models of water turbines with an individual capacity between 50kW-20000kW, such as inclined jet turbines, pelton turbines, francis type turbines, and axial turbines, as well as hydroelectric equipment such as power station water gates, trash racks, trash-cleaning machines, pressure steel pipes and various self-contained generators and control screens & system. All these products are produced and tested according to national standards and machinery trade standards before they leave the factory. The products have reliable operation, high efficiency, standardized spare parts, and easy maintenance.


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