Sludge Slurry and Biosolids Dewatering and Drying With a Reusable Breathable Membrane Process

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A breathable hydrophobic membrane allows water vapor release from a sludge without release of particulate or dissolved contaminants and without mechanical or hydraulic pressure. A temperature or vapor pressure difference instead drives the process which allows natural air passage or waste heat to dewater or dry the sludge. The membrane resists clogging scaling and fouling thus allowing repeated or continual use of the membrane in this process.Inflow of warm air or water. Water exits as vapor (which may condense into liquid)


1) For dewatering it applies heat rather than pressure enabling waste heat to be utilized 2) Does not require the expense and complication of adding flocculant polymer 3) The water removed from the sludge has few or no impurities and does not require pretreatment 4) Membrane can be tailored to prevent odors from penetrating the sludge

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