Sinter Plant Heat Recovery (Steam Recovery from Sinter Cooler Waste Heat)

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This device recovers the sensible heat in the hot air with temperature of 250 C to 450 C from a sinter cooler. It comprises mainly; a)boiler/economizer, b)pure water feed device, c)deaerator, d)steam drum, etc.
After heat exchange with sintered ore of 500 C to 700 C in the cooler, the exhaust gas is introduced to the boiler/economizer to generate steam and is recycled to the cooler.

Organisation providing the technology
The Japan Iron and Steel Federation
  • Fuel savings: 0.251 GJ/t-sinter
  • CO2 Reduction: 23.9 kg-CO2/t-sinter (for 1 million ton sinter production capacity)
  • Annual steam recovery: 60,000*10000000kcal/y
  • Reduction in crude oil equivalent: 7,500 toe/y

(for 1million ton sinter production capacity)

  • Economic effect: JPY 458 million/y
  • SOx, NOx, Dust decreace

Unit recovery of waste heat is on the order of 60,000 kcal/t-sinter.

Investments required

(for 1million ton sinter production capacity)

  • Equipment cost: JPY 3,000 million
  • Construction cost: JPY 500 million
  • Payback time: Equipment only; 11.6 years, inc. construction cost; 13.5 years
Countries where implemented

The Japan Iron and Steel Federation

Tel: +81-3-3669-4837

Email: [email protected]