Simultaneous Removal Process of COS/HCN from Gasification Product

This process accomplishes the simultaneous removal of the carbonyl sulfide (COS) and hydrogen cyanide (HCN) contained in the gas produced by the gasification (partial oxidation) of vacuum residues petroleum coke or coal. By use of a newly developed catalyst this process has realized a high removal efficiency for both COS and HCN. Maximum COS and HCN concentrations in feed gas should be 1000 and 500 ppm respectively. The catalyst was jointly developed by Clariant Catalysts (Japan) JGC Catalysts and Chemicals and JGC.


(1)Highly efficient removal of both COS and HCN by the hydrolysis reactions (2)Using highly effective catalyst that is highly steam-resistant with low carrier deterioration even in the presence of high steam partial pressure by adoption of the state of the art carrier (3)Reaction under mild conditions; temperature is 150 to 250 °C and reaction pressure is from atmospheric to 8.0 MPa; 3 units of application to purification of gasification product

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