Shipping Container Mobile Soilless Greenhouse


Mobile greenhouses may be constructed from recycled standard shipping containers in order to create semi-closed-loop aquaponic growth systems.


Aquaponic technologies can be used to produce a huge variety of horticultural crops with only about one-tenth of the water that would be required by traditional field agricultural production. Edible fish are produced in the system's aquaculture tanks and their excrements are converted into usable plant nutrients for hydroponics. Recycling fish ammonia excrement makes profitable and sustainable use of what would otherwise be solely a waste product output. Vertical integration is achieved by stacking layers of plants grow beds atop one another making maximum usage of the system's water flow and of vegetative production within limited spatial constraints.; Our Pennsylvania LLC specializes in aquaponic production in urban agricultural design but this early-stage product concept can be constructed practically anywhere by anyone as globalized shipping containers are common around the world. Our company can provide the containerized greenhouse design template and build strategy for collaborating parties...

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