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Selective Production of Renewable Benzoic Acid by Tandem Diels-Alder and Dehydration Reaction Using Novel Zeolite Hf-Beta

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The technology provides a new method and a new catalyst to manufacture benzoic acid that uses carbon derived biomass (100%) and only green solvents. The catalyst a highly active newly-synthesized zeolite is recyclable as opposed to the existing catalysts. This technology offers a cost-competitive green route to benzoic acid production by tandem Diels-Alder and dehydration reactions. Benzoic acid can then be transformed to meet many of the final chemical demands typically produced from benzene. Applications: Benzoic acid can be used as an alternative to benzene in the chemical industry to make polycarbonates epoxy resins phenolic resins and Nylon 6


1) Catalyst is recyclable 2) Catalyst is highly active 3) Green route to benzoic acid

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