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Sea and Brackish water Desalination and Industrial water treatment

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Desalitech systems and solutions cover any RO application at any scale ranging from the upgrade of wells and municipal water to ultrapure water through the upgrade of treated effluents and brackish water and up to seawater desalination. Desalitech is proposing a line of fully automated containerized desalination systems of up to 3000 m3 day (500 gallons/min) intended for 24/7/365 operation in various operation conditions as well as larger plants. By replacing the existing RO scheme with the patented hydrostatic Closed Circuit Desalination (CCD) technology Desalitech dramatically reduces RO water treatment costs for desalination and industrial water upgrade by more than 25% and greatly increase operational flexibility.


  • Dramatic reduction in energy consumption of 30%. 40% compared to most advanced RO plants.
  • Reducing SWRO energy consumption down to 1.5 kWh/m3.
  • Reduction of Operation and Maintenance expenses
  • Eliminating the major membranes fouling and scaling factors thereby decreasing maintenance procedures and membranes replacements and enhancing systems’ reliability
  • Reduction in equipment costs
  • Fewer standard membrane elements for the same production capacity smaller pumps no energy recovery devices Unmatched operational flexibility
  • Each unit can desalinate a wide variety of sources and for each source ultimate recovery and peak performance are attained. This is achieved thanks to the decoupling of the recovery cross flow and driving pressure (and thus the flux and the energy consumptions).
  • Modular and scalable design - facilitates highly cost-effective solution for any production / capacity. 
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