A Rubidium Hydride Catalyzed Lithium Amide/Magnesium Hydride System for Hydrogen Storage Applications

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This invention is characterized by a highly effective catalytic additive rubidium hydride (RbH) a white powder that when mechanically alloyed with a mixture of Lithium Amide and Magensium Hydride lowers the desorption temperature and increases the rate of hydrogen release. The US DOE Metal Hydride Center of Excellence has described the 2LiNH2/MgH2 system as an important “near term” system for hydrogen storage. One of the biggest challenges is that hydrogen desorption temperatures from this system are too high and the desorption rates too slow. The function of the RbH catalytic additive is to lower the hydrogen desorption temperature and increase the hydrogen desorption rates from the 2LiNH2/MgH2 system. One of the most effective catalytic additives for lowering the desorption temperature and improving the desorption rate from this system has been Potassium Hydride (KH). The hydrogen desorption rate of the RbH doped sample was found to be approximately twice as fast as the KH doped sample and about 60 times faster than the un-catalyzed sample making RbH one of the best catalytic additives to date for the 2LiNH2/MgH2 system.


1) Long term cycling behavior of system 2) High hydrogen capacity of system 3) Improved materials for hydrogen storage in vehicle machinery

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