Roots MVR Evaporator


1. The main principle of Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) is a direct compression of the evaporated vapor to higher pressure thus temperature so it can recycle energy for the heating process in the Evaporator which results is a low consumption of energy. 2. MVR is a distillation process where evaporation of sea or brackish water is obtained by the application of heat delivered by compressed vapor. The MVR system is an energy efficient solution since only 50KWH of electric power per ton of fresh water is required which is merely 5% of required energy for boiling water. Due to its high efficiency it becomes the obvious choice for a single purpose small-capacity installation.


1. Muiti-purpose - Reducing the volume of various kinds of waste water - Recycling valuable water recovery from waste water - Applicable to all types of volatile malignant waste water - Desalination of seawater 2. Lowest operating cost - World's best energy efficient distilling system - No filter No membrane to be replaced periodically - No chemical is required - No additional sterilization due to 100% disinfection with high temperature 3. Smallest installation space - Simple and Compact design; Volatile organic solvents including immediately discharged without the need for other waste water treatment plants can dispose of contaminated groundwater and be done about as far as many as Will be available for making drinking water In addition coastal islands or a lack of water in the manufacture of drinking water using seawater is available.

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