Reverse Osmosis Desalination Solution

United States

Genesis Water Technologies provides sustainable, innovative, and specialized reverse osmosis desalination solutions for both sea water desalination and brackish water desalination. The system solutions are designed, engineered, and built to resolve the need to lower the total dissolved solids levels in source water for drinking water purposes or to be used in a commercial or industrial process such as boiler feed water. The solutions can be provided as a complete water treatment plant solution for potable drinking water, commercial/industrial process water or tertiary waste water reuse. These desalination system solutions would encompass:

– Energy efficient and environmentally conscious   feed water intakes

– Specialized pretreatment

– Reverse osmosis desalination process integrating nanofiber technology

– Post remineralization

– Disinfection and brine discharge in both brackish water and sea water applications

Custom built modular system capacities range from 250 m3/d (46 gpm) to 100,000 m3/d or larger.


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