Residential/Commercial Wastewater solutions and recycling

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The Bio- Robi wastewater solution has its principal application for individual residences to replace the conventional septic systems with a much better and more environmentally friendly wastewater treatment system. It is very cost competitive with conventional septic systems which face regulatory restrictions. The wastewater solution of Bio- Disk unit is designed for multiple residential clusters of individual homes in a subdivision apartment complexes condominiums and commercial applications such as hotels shopping malls convenience and entertainment/recreation centers. These units are much more cost effective than alternatives like package plants which typically cost in the half million dollar range for the plant itself plus the piping and pumping stations to enable it to service a large enough area to be economical.


1. Lower energy consumption based on a biological approach 2. Better residential compatibility based on an odor-free process 3. Better green approach returning Effluent for reuse 4. Design allows for better space utilization and expansion over time 5. Maintenance costs are much lower and sludge removal is far less then other technologies 6. Maximum comply with LEED standards; Proven record of commercial use

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