Renewable Surfaces for Capture Killing and Release of Bacteria

This invention provides economical renewable surfaces and related methods for selective capture of bacteria in a fluid medium and for killing and/or release of the captured bacteria. The fabrication of these surfaces or surface-treated substrate materials does not require the use of expensive biomolecules and toxic chemicals. The surfaces capture and kill bacteria on contact without leaching any toxic antimicrobial agents. The surfaces can rapidly release captured or killed bacteria via mechanical means and thus are easily renewable for subsequent round of bacterial capture killing and release which makes them ideal for use in on-line bacterial sensor systems. In addition the surfaces can be engineered to selectively capture bacteria from complex fluid media or selectively capture one bacterial strain over another. Applications: 1) Continuous monitoring on-line sensors for bacteria in fluids 2) Non-leaching antibacterial surfaces tubing and fittings for life sciences applications 3) Non-leaching antibacterial catheters 4) Whole-cell diagnostic surfaces that selectively capture bacterial targets

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