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Renewable energy production

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General description: NewH’s technology takes a unique new approach: leveraging nature to produce energy- utilizing a stable solution manufactured from borohydride (a totally safe non-toxic substance freely available in massive quantities) connected to a catalyst to create a chemical reaction which produces hydrogen. The reactor produces hydrogen on demand- a safe supply of direct hydrogen. NewH’s innovative technology is set to revolutionize the market developing power sources based on direct hydrogen supply as well as direct hydrogen fuel cells. Function of the product(s): The company is focusing its development efforts on four key market sectors: 1. Direct Hydrogen Supply: Today hydrogen is stored in tanks which presents potential safety hazards. NewH produces direct hydrogen onsite with no need for storage. The direct hydrogen can be used for cooling turbines in power plants hospitals and for use in the food industry. 2. Generators: Generators currently run on fossil fuels to generate power. NewH’s solution provides safe power on demand providing a clean non-toxic alternative. 3. Consumer: Cell Phone and Laptop Batteries; Consumers currently rely on batteries for cell phones and laptops which have limited usage before they need to be recharged requiring a power source which isn’t always available. NewH’s solution extends battery usage for up to 30 hours a considerable improvement on current alternatives. 4. Automotive The search for alternatives to non-polluting fossil fuels for the automotive market is ongoing. Many of the current alternatives such as electric cars are extremely costly. NewH’s solution provides clean fuel with no toxic emissions or storage issues.


1. Substantial cost reduction safe no storage necessary 2. Efficient clean and environmentally friendly; Proven record of commercial use

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