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Sunshield Ltd is an international leader providing window film solutions for existing glazing in new and existing buildings vehicles and other applications. ● Sunshield Window film polyester polymeric coating – a thin multi-layer film that consists of several layers of metalized coatings and adhesives made to form an infra red barrier that allows light to enter blocks UV and is transparent. ● Sunshield Window Films offer a fast ROI with measurable tools helping any building with windows lower heating and cooling costs increase occupant comfort and save energy. ● The product is resilient against extreme weather such as hurricanes earthquakes high velocity winds. Our security films made from strong resilient adhesive and flexible construction enable existing glass to withstand severe levels of positive and negative pressure – retaining dangerous fragments. ● Sunshield and Security films may be combined as one product in one installation.


Sunshield's Solar control window films reduce the amount of heat that enters through a treated window lowering electrical bills with an average ROI of 1.5-3 years. Many building operators experience difficulties with heating and cooling imbalances between sunny and shaded areas of a building. Sunshield's Solar control window film minimizes this imbalance problem and helps improve the average comfort level while reducing energy use.; Proven record of commercial use

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