Removal of Water-Borne Microorganisms Using Elemental Iron


This effective simple and versatile process removes microorganisms and reduces disinfection by-products from water using elemental iron. It can be incorporated into various treatment systems/devices and involves minimal maintenance and operation costs. This process has been proven to remove the viruses Φ X174 MS2 Aichivirus and Adenovirus 41 as well as bacteria such as E. coli O157:H7. It has been demonstrated that the elemental iron can reduce disinfection by-product precursors such as natural organic matter. This inexpensive nonchlorine-based technology is one of seven innovations showcased in “2007: The Year in Technology” in NASA\'s Tech Briefs. Technology application: 1) Drinking water treatment plants and water reclamation plants 2) Point-of-use purification units (homes offices buildings etc.) 3) Low cost water treatment systems/units for the developing world 4) Portable water filters for outdoor activities (camping hiking etc.) 5) Foreign travel engineering and military operations in remote regions

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