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Solid Applied Technologies is a manufacturer and developer of advanced ultrasonic level meters and remote level monitoring solutions. SolidAT sensors are non-contact and measure level and flow of water and wastewater in open channels reservoirs and process applications. SolidAT translates its vision of global commitment into practical valuedriven reliable technology with products for detecting contamination overflow and other potential hazards while meeting the most stringent standards. SolidAT's solutions are critical in ensuring protection for people property and the environment. Remote level monitoring solutions are based on industrial graded sensors event-identification firmware and sophisticated processing capabilities. The solution for monitoring sewers is self powered with no data cables and no road digging. For rivers dams and water reservoirs SolidAT offers a stand-alone flood alert solution with early warnings reports for overflow and dry-out situations. Remote level monitoring is based on GaugerGSM and GaugerNET. GaugerGSM is an ultrasonic level sensor with cellular communications. The sensor also identifies alarming conditions such as high level overflow conditions extreme temperatures and transmits immediate alerts.


The system detects overflow conditions aiding the water utilities to handle and contain hazardous events. The system also quantifies sewage flow for monitoring usage of the public infrastructure.; Proven record of commercial use

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