Reducing CO2 emissions and increasing energy efficiency


Producing synthetic fuel from CO2 using renewable heat sources - NewCO2Fuels (NCF) is developing an innovative cost competitive self-sufficient system to produce fuel from CO2 and renewable energy. The core technology is a high temperature driven CO2 and water dissociation process which produces syngas (mixture of CO and H2 from which different synthetic fuels can be produced. NCF innovative and modular product converts CO2 and H2O into syngas (a mixture of CO and H2) using high temperature heat as the single source of energy to drive the process. The NCF system is an industrial scale plant comprising of NCF’s high temperature .disassociation reactors heat collection devices gas conditioning power generation and peripherals.


The uniqueness of the technology lies in the overall 40% conversion efficiency of the process enabling competitive prices without any governmental incentives for end product fuels while recycling CO2 emissions.; Proven record of commercial use

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