Recovery of unused waste heat and reduction of heat loss

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In addition to improving the efficiency and reducing carbon emissions on the main unit of the boiler itself, it is also important that the unused waste heat is used effectively and that the heat losses from various points are reduced.
To this end, measures are taken such as heat recovery from the steam condensate after its use in the facility, recovery of the boiler blowdown heat, heat insulation on the steam piping, and action required for steam leaking from traps.
To recover steam condensate, it is possible to select either an open system or closed system of condensate recovery, depending on the situation of steam usage.

Organisation providing the technology
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
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Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


For example, if there is heat recovery from the steam condensate to heat the boiler feed water, then the system efficiency is improved by approximately 1% if the feed water temperature is raised by 6 to 7°C.


Use of steam condensate not only reduces the fuel expenses by improving the system efficiency, but also makes it possible to reduce the amount of water used.


It is possible to make proposals on waste heat recovery covering the entire steam system.

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South Korea

Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry, JAPAN
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Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.