CO2 Management Solution by using microwave plasma technology

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South Korea

About ReCarbon

Since 2002, ReCarbon's core engineering team, with 130+ years of collective experience in energy system R&D and design, developed and successfully commercialized innovative microwave plasma technologies. We started a new project on carbon recycling in 2011. We are based in the South Korea.


CO2 Management Solution by using microwave plasma technology. ReCarbon™ is a novel carbon recycling system that uses proprietary microwave plasma technology to efficiently convert CO2 and CH4 into syngas (H2+CO). The system is designed to be modular. It is easily scalable with quick ramp up/down times to meet customer needs.

• Directly reduces CO2

• Produces H2 and CO

• Positive short and long term revenue streams

• Low CAPEX and OPEX

• Easily scalable to meet demand


Organisation providing the technology
ReCarbon Korea Co., Ltd.
Endorsing entity

Green Technology Center


Justin Sung Jin Kim, 82-2-2638-5870, [email protected]

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