PV Sim - Calculator for Determining Financial Benefits of Choosing Solar Energy

PV Sim is a web-based calculator designed to supply users with relevant statistics regarding the possible financial and environmental savings of an investment in photovoltaics. This program takes users selections combines them with pre-collected data analyzes and instantly displays the information. This calculator comes from detailed research into the financial workings of photovoltaics and is powered by formulas developed by AzRISE. The outputs of the tool are rendered in a visually appealing user-friendly graphic interface. The tool is fully customizable and is designed to accept a wide array of add-ons. To ensure reliability and security the calcuator is designed to be housed within the licensee\'s website. Applications: Solar/Green Energy service providers looking to educate potential or existing customers. Status: Copyrighted; the Office of Technology Transfer is looking for partners (This Technology is available through an Express License).


1) Simple tool that delivers easily understood benefits 2) Flexible design 3) Site integration

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