PureMadi Ceramic Water Filter

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South Africa

PureMadi makes ceramic water filters out of a factory in the Limpopo province, South Africa. The filters are made of local clay, sawdust and water, which are mixed and pressed into a mold. The result is a flowerpot-shaped filter, which is then fired in a kiln. The firing burns off the sawdust, leaving a ceramic with very fine pores. The filter is then painted with a thin solution of silver or copper nanoparticles that serve as an effective disinfectant for waterborne pathogens. 

The design allows a user to pour water from an untreated source, such as a river or well, into the pot and allow it to filter through into a five-gallon bucket underneath. The pot has a flow rate of one to three liters per hour, enough for drinking and cooking. The filtered water is accessed through a spigot in the bucket. A typical filter lifetime is 2–3 years; it must be periodically cleaned with a brush to maintain the design flow rate.

• Ceramic Water Filters infused with Colloidal Silver.

• Long Lasting Low Maintenance.

• Filters out 99%-100% harmful Bacteria's.

• Low Cost, Affordable.

• Health Benefits (Residue of Colloidal Silver in Drinking Water).


• Bucket Dimension: 340 mm x 333.5 mm.

• Weight approximately: 5 kgs.

• Ceramic Water Filter Dimensions: 320 mm x 190 mm.

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