Pultrusion for the production of fibre reinforced composite materials

Technology Description: Pultrusion is a continuous manufacturing technique for the production of fibre reinforced composite materials of predefined dimensions. However there are some problems with the method that limit its use. These can be overcome by using new technology developed at the University. This new method ensures that fibres are spread within the bundle in the optimal way to maximise resin impregnation and ensure voids are not produced in the section. Fibre spreading is carried out in a controlled manner to maximise the degree of filament spreading and minimise the fracture of the filaments. The fibres are then impregnated by a specially designed dispensing system the mixes the resin components using precision gear pumps and a static mixer. This allows the use of fast-curing resin systems that cannot be used in conventional batch mixed resin baths. These improvements will allow faster production rates and reduced energy usage. By mixing resin on demand it is easier to control environmental solvent levels improve the air quality for workers and reduce odours in the vicinity of the plant. There are also additional environmental benefits clean down is easier at the end of the work as there is no resin bath to empty and clean and there is less waste resin to dispose of. Applications: Construction electrical and consumer goods


1) Improves fibre impregnation 2) Improves product quality 3) Allows use of fast set resins 4) Reduces fumes in the workplace 5) Reduces clean up time

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