Bike-sharing ideally complements private and public means of transportation on short distances. It unburdens the traffic in the city centres and improves the attractiveness of public transportation. Over the past few years, bike-sharing has become increasingly popular all around the globe.

In Switzerland, it is PubliBike that represents this mobile, urban and sustainable service. Since 2009, PubliBike has been offering a number of bike-sharing networks throughout Switzerland and is continuously expanding the programme.

In these networks, you can borrow bikes and e-bikes. The pricing is different for occasional or regular use. Regular users can choose from two annual subscription packages. For annual subscribers, the first half-hour is free except when renting an electric bike (from 1.80 to 4.50 CHF depending on the formula), then every minute of use adds 0.06-0.23 cents francs (depending on the formula) with a maximum ceiling per rental (20 CHF for a classic bike, 40 CHF an electric bike ) 

Bicycling is a zero carbon mode and it can provide health benefits to the riders. Besides, it can reduce congestion and improve access of people to public transportation.

Lausanne-Morges: Since the 30th of November 2017 with 30 stations and a total of 80 bicycles and 180 e-bikes.

Lugano: Since the 6th of December 2017 with 12 stations and a total of 42 bicycles and 42 e-bikes.

Sion: Since the 21st of March 2018 with 9 stations and a total of 18 bicycles and 18 e-bikes.

Zurich: Since the 6th of April 2018 with 150 stations and a total of 1,000 bicycles and 1,000 e-bikes (final expansion).

Berne: Since 28th of June 2018 with 200 stations and a total of 1,200 bicycles and 1,200 e-bikes (final expansion).

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