Pt Based Supramolecular Complexes as Photocatalysts for H2 Production from Water: Solar H2 Production

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The technology is a molecular design for a series of supramolecular complexes that are designed to use light energy to produce H2 from water. This hydrogen production from water is the fuel production side of a solar water splitting scheme. The supramolecular complexes are able to be modified to modulate light absorbing abilities. The complexes use a reactive Pt metal to react with water and produce hydrogen. The use of solar energy to produce H2 is an integral part of the “Hydrogen Economy” as H2 production is necessary to use this fuel. The use of solar energy to produce H2 would be a major advance in the harvesting of solar energy. The invention is a molecular design that allows for sub-unit modification to enhance device properties and to overcome difficulties that could be encountered in commercialization.


Use of solar energy to produce H2.

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