Production of Liquid Biogas at Loudden

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An installation for production of Liquid Biogas (LBG) is under construction at Loudden in Stockholm. This will be the first large-scale biogas installation in Stockholm, which produces biogas using organic waste.

In the end of 2008, Stockholm Water commissioned Scandinavian Biogas to construct a biogas installation in the buildings of a former waste water treatment plant. An extensive renovation of not least the digester and the pipes has been carried out, in order to use the existing buildings. The installation will be completed during 2010 and will produce biogas, using organic waste. Loudden becomes the first large-scale installation, which produces biogas using organic waste. At the first stage, the biogas is to be produced from damaged crops, which will be digested in a 1 100 m3 digester. In a latter stage, also leftover food will be used for the production. After the digestion, the biogas will be cooled down to a liquid form and used as vehicle fuel. The installation is expected to produce annually 25 GWh of liquid biogas, which corresponds 800.000 litres of petrol.

Organisation providing the technology
Scandinavian Biogas Fuels International AB
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Stockholm Cleantech, Lindar√§ngsv√§gen, 11527 Stockholm, [email protected]

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