Produce Sanitation with Food-Grade Materials

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Background: Fresh produce has been associated with microbial outbreaks around the world thought to be caused in part by improper sanitation of fresh produce. Current disinfection methods rely on harsh chemicals which may alter the flavor of the fresh food or potentially cause an allergic reaction for some consumers. Furthermore the chemicals employed in sanitation may have a significant environmental impact. Technology Description: Researchers at the University of California Davis and Drexel University have developed a unique method for disinfecting produce. Unlike other methods of produce sanitation this method combines treatment with UV light and a specialized wash solution to remove microbes from the entire surface of any fresh produce without leaving a toxic residue or impacting food quality and taste. Applications: 1) Sanitation and disinfection of fresh fruits and vegetables 2) Disinfection of medical device surfaces 3) Disinfection of other surfaces

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