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Advice Electronics Ltd established on 1988 Advice is a leading company in the Power supply systems; Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) Renewable energy Battery solutions communication solutions Company Portal and Business Solutions. Power supplies: Standard models widely used in automation communication LED lighting medical Modular DC/ AC AC/DC and DC/DC Standalone battery based solar power systems Solar Energy solutions: Battery based renewable energy systems hybrid systems with battery backup for energy storage Grid Inverters Off Grid inverters monitoring and control systems for Solar Sites/ Plants UPS: UPS up to 4 megawatt that can answer to a wide range of solutions to the defense and back up field ; Communications: all solutions under one roof: Wireless networking solutions IN/ OUT DOOR structures wide range of switches in all levels of management KVM switches and drawers POE optical converters and inverters Cases IP Cameras and phones Server Cabinets / Communication solutions Skilled sales team as support staff with experience available to our clients to match the optimal solution needs. Company Portal Business Solutions : Advice Business Solutions Development Department markets the the "Magicnet" - modular company portal Solutions built for business grants: module sales marketing module service module and other business solutions The Magicnet works with many ERP software such as SAP and Hashavshevet.


Quality competitive prices cost effective and Punctuality delivery of products; Proven record of commercial use

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