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Power meters and energy management solutions


SATEC has been a proven solutions-oriented global leader in the research development and manufacturing of energy management and Power Quality systems. With two decades of rich experience in the energy management arena SATEC provides optimal Powerful Solutions for utility industrial and commercial applications worldwide. Their greatest strength lies in the extensive field experience and our ability to be flexible in order to find the .optimal solution to each problem Their products include: digital energy and power meters; power quality measurement instruments in compliance with international standards such as EN50160 and IEEE1159; and advanced energy management systems. Utilities - empowering the smart grid from generation substation automation transmission and revenue metering as well as demand side management Industrial - energy management and power quality analysis including hardware (meters and analyzers) and comprehensive control software Commercial - energy management and billing for sub-tenants allows our customers to profit from effective management and markup of between medium and low voltage service.


1. Extensive field experience 2. Flexibility; Proven record of commercial use

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